When Do We Need to Go to Best ENT Hospital in Jaipur

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In this blog, we have told you about the infection in the nose, if there is a disease related to a runny nose in the changing season, then you can get treatment for your disease in your nearest jaipur ent hospital.

As soon as the winter season comes, we start running nose and running nose is a very common and troubling problem and it starts increasing when the mucus starts increasing in the sinus and nasal passage, due to which we get cold, cold, suffer from headaches



A runny nose is a very common symptom for both cold and flu. Both these symptoms cause severe cold. When you are suffering from these diseases, your body starts producing mucus in excess, so that bacteria can be kept in it. Some of this produced mucus is expelled through the nose.


If you touch, eat or smell such things, to which you are allergic, then you may have a problem of watery nose. Animal hair and grass are among the most common substances that cause allergies. Your body also reacts to the allergic substances as if they are harmful bacteria and due to this the water starts flowing from the nose.


When inflammation, irritation and pain occurs in your sinuses, it is called sinusitis. Due to this, the air tracts of the nose become narrow, due to which there is difficulty in breathing and mucus starts forming. If you have the above problem then the mucus can come out through the nose. In some cases, the mucus starts passing through the throat instead of the nose. The mucus produced due to sinusitis is usually thick, in which yellow and green spots can also be seen.

When do we need to go to ent hospital

If you experience any of the following symptoms along with a runny nose, you should see an ear, nose and throat ent specialist.in jaipur
If you have fever, chills, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, rash, severe pain in head or neck along with runny nose, then you need to visit the best ent hospital in jaipur immediately.
Severe pain in the throat or appearance of white or yellow spots in the inner part of the throat like tonsils etc.
Cough that lasts for 7 to 10 days and produces yellow, green, or cloudy white mucus