Honor of Kings Tier List: The Best Heroes in the Arena(June 2024)

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In this article we bring you a tier list regarding the popular MOBA game Honor of Kings based on different classes/roles in this game for you to better understand each hero.

The world's most played 5v5 MOBA on mobile Honor of Kings has already gone global this summer on June 20th, 2024. Honor of Kings, also well known for its Chinese name Wangzhe Rongyao, is a MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena) game developed by TiMi Studio and published by Level Infinite globally. This game went from mainland China, to a slightly adapted version called Arena of Valor, and now finally to this well-developed global version called Honor of Kings.


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Honor of Kings Tier List




Ayo, this summer is bound to be unusual as the widely popular 5v5 MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena) game "Honor of Kings" for mobile has already launched worldwide on June 20, 2024


Initially launched in China on November 26, 2015, the game swiftly rose to the top of China's mobile gaming market. Its international version, "Arena of Valor," was released the next year to attract western players, and now "Honor of Kings" is poised to expand globally. The game boasts approximately 100 million daily players, as per their official website.


That being said, Honor of King has already gone through a lot and has become almost a mature game. According to their official website, there are currently over 120 heroes here in this game. 


Honor of Kings Tier List


This is a wow-that-is-a-lot number considering this is a MOBA game and each character(heroes) have their own different special roles/classes, skills, and lores. Some of them even fall into 2 classes, which makes them dual-class heroes. In this context, HoK's gameplay mechanics are huge and complicated.


There are in total 6 classes in Honor of Kings: Tank, Mage, Marksman, Support, Fighter, And Assassin. Different types of heroes are suitable for different teams, and each different type of hero serves a different position in the team. Using heroes in reasonable positions can greatly help the team gain victory .


Therefore, it's of vital importance to have a tier list to see which heroes are worth playing! In this article we will provide you with several different tier lists, depending on the different roles/classes of each character(also named as Heros in HoK). 


Heroes (Tank)


Honor of Kings Tier List - Tank


Generally speaking, tank's damage is not high. Their ability to fight alone is not outstanding, and they often need teammates to cooperate to complete the tactical purpose. But the role of the tank is responsible for absorbing the enemy's damage with their own body in the front row to protect their teammates behind them, to create a good environment for damage-dealing from their own side. A team without a tank is easy to be instantly destroyed by the enemy.

Heroes (Mage/Mid Lane)


Honor of Kings Tier List - Mage


Mages generally have very strong magical attack, so the main role is to carry out the back row damage, of course, some mages rely mainly on their own control skills, so this mage mainly rely on the group to control the enemy, but the mage's defense and health is low.


Heroes (Marksman/Farm Lane)


Honor of Kings Tier List - Marksman


The Marksman (or ADC) role enables your character to attack from a greater distance, offering the potential for higher critical damage, which can be advantageous during gameplay.


Heroes (Support)


Honor of Kings Tier List - Support


The role of Support is to assist and safeguard your teammates in various circumstances, whether by shielding, healing, absorbing damage, or even sacrificing yourself to ensure the survival of others.


Heroes (Fighter/Clash Lane)


Honor of Kings Tier List - Fighter


Fighters are a well-balanced class with a certain level of control. They are able to assist in various tactical functions in the team such as assassination, attrition, containment, and damage bearing. The fighter's individual ability is relatively outstanding.


Heroes (Assassin/Jungler)


Honor of Kings Tier List - Assassin


Assassins are responsible for waiting for opportunities in the team and killing enemy heroes who are with low health. Normally, no group battles are initiated by them. In general, Assassins tend to have the ability to kill individual heroes in seconds, but are relatively vulnerable themselves.



Anyway, this is a set of tier lists from a certain perspective. Sometimes you may find yourself more accustomed to a hero who is not listed in S or A rank, or simply doesn't exist on these lists. But as long as they are powerful under your control, there's nothing stopping you from playing them! The best way for you to get to know a character, or a hero, is to try out these heroes yourself depending on your taste.


Honor of Kings, the global version for Wangzhe Rongyao and the next generation for Arena of Valor, has already come out on June 20th, 2024! To enjoy the best audio-visual performance, we recommend playing honor of kings on Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro!





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