Ask students about writing homework

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Ask students about writing homework and hear what they have to say about it

The social environment surrounding schoolchildren can also be characterized in another way, since it does not matter whether the student reaches a high or low level, whether he comes from an average or low-income family or is surrounded by the majority. or a minority culture, or parents with high or low education.

The perception of the student's physical environment is interesting in the same report on its components: the author lists a calm, safe home, family members who have time and energy to take care of children, appropriate financial resources to purchase the necessary tools and equipment, as well as psychological resources that prevail first of all, the presence of parental support, as well as such behavioral elements as the participation of parents in the educational work of the child or not. Based on his experience, the author argues that these conditions are mainly found in middle-class families; this explanation, - he explains, - that the school career of children with such a background is more successful than that of children without it, well, take even the most elementary, if a child who is in college and is asked to write a scientific paper there, then parents will be able to calmly apply and pay research paper writing help. The more time spent in the family, at home, on learning-related activities, such as reading, the more effective the student will be at school.

Two studies also support this claim with concrete data: one of them, on a sample of five thousand people, took place in Australia. Other publications also show specific methodological differences in reading at home: according to them, middle-class parents also pay attention to their children's understanding of what they read and what they are interested in reading, while, for example, in Asia work -class seven ' and - if they even encourage their children to read at home at all for reading - such aspects do not concern at all. Therefore, it is no coincidence, they argue, that when children leave such an environment, they may expect less successful school careers.